My life as a first year health studies student at the University of Waterloo

My life as a first year health studies student at the University of Waterloo.


Monday 1 December 2014

Classes Complete!

Classes are over which is exciting because I can just focus on studying for finals, but it is also stressful because the exams that have been talked about since the beginning of the semester are coming up in just a few days.

Am I stressed? Yes.
Am I worried? No.

I may be premature writing this, as I have yet to write a final exam, however I feel the distinction between being stressed out vs. worried about finals is an important one. Being stressed means I am motivated to dedicate hours studying in order to refresh all the information that was jam packed into what may have been the fastest twelve weeks of my life. And while being too stressed isn't a good thing, a bit of stress is healthy.

Being worried about exams however doesn't help. Ultimately you have x number of days to prepare, and ready or not you will show up and write your exam. If you worry about how the exam is going to go you will spend more time freaking out and less time studying - so stop worrying and actually prepare.

That nagging thought in the back of my mind repeating...
 "study study study"
 "stop watching Ellen clips online"
"bring your food upstairs and read the textbook while you eat"
 "stop talking start studying"
"study study study"...
is driving me crazy, and will be the reason I do my best on finals. It doesn't mean that I spend every second of my day studying but the thought that I should be means I am putting in more study time than I would otherwise. And for the two weeks that exams last I am alright sacrificing a few games of heads up with the floor mates to study (not all of them.... But a few).
This is quite possibly the best app ever. 

Happy studying everybody (and remember- a lot can be solved with a cup of coffee and a deep breath)!