My life as a first year health studies student at the University of Waterloo

My life as a first year health studies student at the University of Waterloo.


Wednesday 29 October 2014

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I live on a floor with some absolutely amazing people; everyone is friendly, funny and overall just awesome. However, one of the things that I think that makes us special is how ambitious we all are… So I started asking people on my floor in residence a question we have all been asked many times;
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
I have to say that the answers I received made me love this group of people even more…

“With mechatronics it is on the forefront of technology so that’s pretty exciting, defense systems or hardware development (wearable technology) would be an exciting career choice.” - Mechatronics Engineering

“I want to be happy; wait I don’t want my answer to be that…” - Honors Biology

“I want money, that’s shallow but it’s the truth” - Honors Math (actuarial science)

“Oh I don’t have an answer… I have backup plans and I will not be a failure. They may cost more money but they will work out… hopefully.” – Kinesiology 

 “I want to be an actuary, and if not I am going into to go into mathematical economics because it is the second best thing, and if I can’t do that then I am going to stay in honours math for the rest of my life”    - Honors Math

“A forensic chemist” - Honors Chemistry

“I have five years I will figure something out” – Health Promotion

 “I don’t know… an adult” - Health Studies

 “A physiotherapist” – Kinesiology

“ I definitely want to make sure I am helping people and make them smile, but if I excel in university I want to go to medical school be become an anesthesiologist” – Health Studies

“An audiologist”- Health promotion

“I don’t know… probably a CEO of a petrochemical company or something… I don’t know… hopefully that.” - Chemical Engineering

“I want to work for google” – Computer Science 

“I think I want to be a geneticist” – Biochemistry

Wednesday 15 October 2014

The Poster Sale

The poster sale was in the student center last week and it was really cool. I had heard about it from my don and some upper year students, and to be completely honest I didn’t understand what all the excitement was about- I mean they are just posters. However now that I have been to the poster sale I understand what people were talking about, because while it is just a poster sale the student center was FILLED. I am not sure how many posters there were but if you name any celebrity, movie, TV show, animal or city I can guarantee there was a poster of it (at least one but probably several).